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Research Department

About the department

Our role is to provide support for the numerous generating studies to achieve validity, reproducibility, and an argument for causality using QBB data and specimens advancing research enterprise knowledge. 

Our goals & objectives

The overall goal of the department is to ensure the scientific rationale in study protocols, data integrity, and the high-quality specimen collection to fit-for-purpose of our biobanking services.

Qatar Biobank’s studies are designed based on an agnostic approach; as the data and samples are to be provided to different research groups enabling a variety of research projects with different research hypotheses. 


Internal & External services

  • Supporting researchers and students working in different research studies in choosing the appropriate design for addressing their research hypothesis. 
  • Conducting various statistical data analysis.
  • Providing a variety of educational and practical training courses internally and for external institutions.

Internal services

  • Providing the data extracts for the various research projects supported by Qatar Biobank.
  • Submission of the IRB submission and compliance with MOPH policies and International Ethical standards for the internal research projects.