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Covid-19 Research Project

Do I have antibodies? Did you gain immunity to the Covid-19 virus after infection?

This research contributes to answering these questions and helps scientists and researchers discover the treatment and vaccine for this virus

Who Are We

Qatar Biobank occupies a distinguished position at the local level, in the Middle East and among global biobanks. It also actively contributes to strengthening Qatar's position in the field of biomedical research regionally and globally.

Qatar Biobank allows scientists and researchers inside and outside the State of Qatar to conduct health research by collecting samples and data related to health aspects and lifestyles with the participation of large numbers of volunteers from the population of the State of Qatar.

What Are We Currently Doing

Qatar Biobank is currently working on a research project to determine the extent of the impact of the Corona Covid-19 virus on the human body infected with the virus.

  • We also measure the antibodies that form inside the body and gain immunity to the virus and follow these antibodies to identify the period of time during which immunity against the virus lasts.
  • Also, samples collected by Qatar Biobank will contribute to research on the discovery of the vaccine and treatment for Coronavirus Covid-19.

How Do We Do It

  • This research requires the participation of people who have been infected with the virus so that Qatar Biobank can conduct the necessary tests for them and take samples for research.
  • Participation is for one year
  • A complete blood test that includes more than 65 tests during the first visit
  • Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain and the whole body
  • After three days, the results will appear, and the Qatar Biobank doctor will contact the participant and explain the results of the tests
  • A quick monthly antibody test is performed to determine the period of time the body is immune to the virus