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Qatar Biobank population-based cohort study

Qatar Biobank cohort study is a population-based long-term study aiming to collect high quality biological samples and annotated data for 60,000 participants from Qataris and long-term Qatar residents who live in Qatar for at least 15 years to promote medical research in Qatar and worldwide. 

Who can participate?

Anybody who is an adult (at least 18 years) and is either a Qatari national or long-term resident (who has been living in Qatar for at least 15 years) can contribute to Qatar Biobank as by offering around 3 hours of their time to have a series of measurements and give some samples of

What will participating involve?

  • Attending our Qatar Biobank center for an assessment session, which will last for less than 3 hours.
  • Having a series of measurements, such as height, weight, grip strength, blood pressure, body composition, heart and lung function.
  • Giving samples of blood (about 60millilitres, or around the same volume as a “pocket sized” hand sanitizer gel), urine and saliva.
  • All tests are entirely optional and you will be able to opt out at any point.
  • Completing a questionnaire and provide some overall feedback on their experience at the Qatar Biobank center.
  • A full MRI Scan for the whole body and brain will be scheduled for a second visit, then another full visit can be done after 5 years

To become a contributor to Qatar’s healthier future, please call 4454 11779 or email