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How will Qatar Biobank benefit Qatar’s communities?

  • Qatar Biobank is now considered as Qatar’s National Repository Centre for biological samples & health information records, promoting medical research.
  • Qatar Biobank works together with Qatar’s healthcare system and other governmental authorities providing evidence-based health screening approaches to be utilized for developing Policies, Regulations & Guidelines for the protection of public health and the environment in Qatar.
  • Qatar Biobank supports academic students by providing data to be utilized for educational projects.
  • Qatar Biobank in collaboration with Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) and QGP (Qatar Genome Programme), has launched a grant under the name Pathway Towards Personalized Medicine (PPM) in 2015 (PPM1) and the 2nd cycle in 2017 (PPM2) encouraging researchers working on genomics.
Qatar Biobank is a scientific and altruistic partnership between the research community and the people of Qatar to build a better, healthier future for generations to come.
Chairperson of Biobank, Qatar Board of Trustees